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Southfield, Mich., Organizers, runners and timers realize benefits of new timing and tracking system -

Southfield, Mich. (Oct 25, 2007) —SAI Timing & Tracking System is the next step in the evolution of transponder timing. This system was developed and designed with the technical expertise of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) industry researchers and the experience of many race directors and timers from around the world.

The driving forces behind this innovative system is veteran timer David O. Simms.  David has been involved in timing races for over 20 years and has been mentored by two of the best in the business, Mike Burns (Burns Computer Services) and Chris Tatreau (Tatreau Consulting).  With his experiences, he has played a significant role in many of the major breakthroughs in participatory sports.  Examples include results via the phone line, the first online registration platforms (Sportsworld), transponder timing (ChampionChip), and bringing live results to the web.   

We did our last 4 beta tests at some of the better known events in the country. The system was used at:
This surpassed all of our expectations and is now ready to be used around the world.